Tatiomax from T/M Pharma Co

By: T/M Pharma Co  10/07/2014
Keywords: Food Supplement, anti-aging, glutathione

Tatiomax was introduced in the Philippines in 2008 by the trusted T/M Pharma Co. through the Tatiomax Glutathione injectable. Since then, there has been an increasing demand for the product because of its efficiency that has also been backed up by recommendation of dermatologists. Tatiomax knows that Glutathione is the Master of all antioxidants. Thus, it aims to bring this need to the consumers. The Tatiomax Glutathione injectable has been proven to be effective in supplying the bodies with the Glutathione antioxidant it needs. As a result, new products have been developed to promote wellness among the consumers since the necessary food supplements have been supplied. Initially known as the leading brand for Glutathione injectable, Tatiomax is now available in oral form. Tatiomax Glutathione 1600 mg Softgel was first introduced in August 2012. This is the first reduced glutathione softgel in the Philippines.

Keywords: anti-aging, Food Supplement, glutathione, Injectable Glutathione, Tatiomax, Weight Loss,