self inking stamps best layout outcome

self inking stamps best layout outcome from 5 Aces Rubber stamps and Dryseal Shop

By: 5 Aces Rubber stamps and Dryseal Shop  05/31/2014
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What is Dry Seal Shop Engraving A seal engraving is a relief printmaking process. The raised surface receives ink and prints directly on paper, as does metal, wood or plastic (photopolymer). Other printing processes are: Planography or Lithography which is based on the repelling of oil and water on a flat surface; Intaglio, which is the cutting into the surface of a metal plate, (and the lowered surface holds the ink), and stencil methods such as the silk screen process. A wood engraving is a subtractive technique which is the removing of fibers from the end-grain of a woodblock. It differs from a woodcut, which is cut on a cross grain, or plank-side of a woodblock. A wood engraving allows a variety of cutting techniques and is extremely durable. It lends itself well to illustration in publications as well as limited edition prints. It has a most interesting history of usage as well as an active contemporary application.

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