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By: Technopro Enterprises  05/28/2010
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Power Surges are electrical hazards that can cause harm on our electrical facilities especially those that are having electronic controls, microconductors and chips. Even datalines such as pabx, cctv cameras and internet facilities are prone.

If you have circuit breakers, avr’s, ups’ good for you. These are helpful in providing overload and short circuit protection, voltage regulation and temporary power supply in case of power outages. But these devices are not capable of providing surge protection. Infact, they themselves are subject to damages that surges can make.

 Surge is the sudden rise in voltage (several hundreds of thousands of volts in a few millisecond). This amount of energy is more than sufficient to make any electronic control so fried up and useless.  

Power surges are caused by Power utility (Meralco) switching (this happens several times in a day on some areas), lightning events, and the everyday operations of our inductive loads like motors, welding machines, capacitor banks, and even lighting. 

Surge Protections Device (SPD) is the only device that can handle power surges. It attracts the power surges in the speed of less than 5 nanosecond and dissipates them to the ground without causing any harm on your equipment. 

If you would like to know more about Power surges and SPD and how they can be used particularly to your application, just call us.

We can help you bust power surges!

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Keywords: Grounding System, Lightning Protection System, Surge Protection System,

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