Biosys Set 4 Screenmatic

Biosys Set 4 Screenmatic from OASE Oczka Wodne

By: OASE Oczka Wodne  01/11/2012
Keywords: Architectural Services, Garden, Filter

 Tested by scientists complete filtration systems for the effective treatment of arthritis of various sizes.
The kit includes: 18 Screenmatic Biotec filter, pump: Aquamax Eco 16000, UVC lamp: Bitron 55C kit includes:  
mechanical-biological filter Biotec 18 Screenmatic  
Biotron lamp 55C UVC  
Aquamax Eco filter pump 16000  
Starter Biokick filter for biological cleaning
Specifications :   Filter Biotec 18 Screenmatic Bitron 55C UVC lamp pump Aquamax Eco 16000 The volume of the pond with plants, no fish (m) 55
Volume of the pond with plants and fish to 1 kg/1000 l (m) 27
Volume of the pond with plants and fish from 1-3 kg/1000 l (ponds with koi) (m) 14

Keywords: Architectural Services, Filter, Garden, garden equipment, Garden Services, Landscape, landscaping services, Oczka Wodne, Pond, Pump