Filtoclear Set 20000

Filtoclear Set 20000 from OASE Oczka Wodne

By: OASE Oczka Wodne  01/11/2012
Keywords: Architectural Services, Garden, Filter

 Kit: 20000 Filtoclear pressure filter, pump Aquamax 12000 ECO, Biokick CWS, built-in 36W UV lamp
pressure filter with integrated UVC lamp on and pump Aquamax Eco 12000 included "Filtoclear 20000" provides clean water and makes the pond takes on a new quality . OASE dołożyło many efforts to create different sets to suit every client. Oase is a leader producer of accessories for ponds and ponds.
• pressure filter with integrated UVC lamp (36W)
• Powerful pump Aquamax 12000 ECO
• Pressure filter with a simple and convenient cleaning function, the indicator of pollution levels and flow control.
• Higher pressure working, and thus a greater awareness of water, enables the use of a kit for the larger watercourses and waterfalls.
• Pressure filter can be buried in the ground, so you do not have a designed landscape pond and its surroundings.
• The set also Biokick CWS
- up to 20m3 (pond with vegetation, no fish)
- up to 10m3 (pond with plants and fish to 1kg/1000l without Koi carp)
- up to 5m3 (pond with vegetation, to 1-3kg/1000l stocked with Koi carp)

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