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By: Oase  12/12/2010
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The name "Di-Oxylyd" is the name of my company Oase. This is patented, leading edge of large bodies of water purification.

Di-Oxylyd arises from the electro-chemical reaction of fresh water with salt in a special membrane that occurs in the process of electrolysis. Has a strong dezynfekacyjne in the fight against bacteria, viruses, pathogens and algae since they produce gaseous substances with high potential redox containing ozone (O3), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 - hydrogen peroxide) and volatile chlorine (Cl-) and all these things together is called Di-Oxylydem . The result is a strong disinfection and destruction of bacteria, germs, viruses and algae.

Water + Clorek Sodium (salt) => Di-Oxylyd

NaCl ----> H2O + O3 + H2O2 + Cl

This system is suitable for water tanks from 150m3 to over 20,000 m3 and the order can apply it to an even większych.Firma Oase this system is used on the ponds on the golf course where a large amount of fertilizer running off of lawns during the maintenance, architectural reservoirs, lakes and private Public swimming pools, fish farms, water tanks at the zoo, a large fountain, pond swimming.

System Clear Lake system based on Di-Oxylyd wykonyje sand filtration, regulation of pH and redox potential of causing a very large time savings, space for filtration and purification costs associated with ponds, lakes, water reservoirs by means of continuous biological activity.

Quantity supplied to the tank Di-Oxylydu is regulated by the X server drivers who carries out all the time measurements and the water is drinking water quality by. German restrictive standards (TVO, 2001).

Dioxylyd not cause the salinity of water in the vessel and stabilizes pH at piziomie 8 degrees.


Viewing musical dwuchsposobów cleaning the tank with a capacity of 2.000 m3. In both cases we get a clean and transparent water in the tank.


Clear Lake system on a tank with a capacity of 2.000 m3

Operating expenses:
• Salt = 8.0 kg salt / dziennieKoszt: 6.00 PLN per day
• Electricity = 2kW/godz.Koszt: PLN 20.00 / day

Guarantee clean effect of the tank.

Conventional filtration system (based on chemistry)
Operating expenses:
• Chemical Cost: 100.00 PLN / day
• Electricity Cost: PLN 60.00 / day
Disadvantages of conventional systems (based on chemistry)
• Manual Applying chemicals (hazardous and complicated
• The time consuming operation
• Storage of chemicals (hazardous and sometimes requires authorization)

• There is no guarantee of obtaining clean water, depending on conditions.


Average consumption of salt is 8kg. / Day.

99.96% NaCl

Ca 0.003%

Mg 0.002%

K 0.014%

SO4 0.017%

Diluted hydrochloric acid 0.0001%

Salt must satisfy the water softener and / or ion exchange.


Dioxylyd Oase is a guarantee of clean water. Information: 501 979 599


Filters for large bodies of water, filtration of large ponds, treatment ponds, chemical treatment of water for architecture.

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