Pondovac 4 Oase

By: Oase  12/05/2010
Keywords: Architectural Services, Garden, Filter

Pondovac professional vacuum is equipped with four different types of nozzles, high-quality aluminum tubes and suction power of 1800 watts is a practical helper in the garden and the household. The dirty water collected by vacuuming can be used as organic fertilizer.
Now, ponds, ponds and pools in a very simple and easy way to clean yourself. You no longer need to call a professional company to clean the tank.


• Universal Nozzle removes bottom, not sucking gravel
• Head of filamentous algae separates and removes algae beam
• bottom nozzle for use on large surfaces, such as swimming pools or ponds
• Nozzle brush to the surface of the failures and remove tough stains
• Nozzle for wet vacuuming has features wet vacuuming indoors and outdoors


• Extracting pollution to 10 mm. (Algae, mud, silt, dead plants, leaves)

• Fitted with wheels for moving on flat surfaces.

• The product is patented Oase

• Aluminum suctions

• For ponds, ponds and pools.

• Possibility of a pool vacuuming


• Suction Depth: 2.4 m

• Number of jets: 5pcs. (Universal, the filamentous algae, brush, wet extraction, surface)

• Length of suction hose: 5m.

• The length of the hose: 2.5 m

• Cable length: 4m.

• Dimensions: 380mm x 685mm

Keywords: Architectural Services, Filter, Garden, garden equipment, Garden Services, Landscape, landscaping services, Oczka Wodne, Pond, Pump