The guarantee of clean water

By: Oase  01/18/2011
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The definition of a guarantee of clean water has OASE guarantee clean water in the pond all purchasers OASE filter system based on the selection table * provided professional installation and maintenance in accordance with mounting instructions and a registration system.


What does "clean water"? Fish, plants, or stones are recognizable at the bottom to a depth of 1 m from the water.


The definition of a joint guarantee of clean water is provided only for the ponds in the traditional sense of the term. A pond is an artificial water reservoir on the substrate made of foil or trays of prepared joint and at least one third of its area is planted with vegetation, and the sunshine duration is 4 - 6 hours per day. The location of the pond is just 4 m from the deciduous trees and / or conifers. Guarantee clean water does not include any other water bodies and watercourses, particularly with architectural character and lack of sufficient quantities of plants.


Proper installation of a filtering operation filters work on the principle of mechanical and biological treatment, which is why it is necessary to work the filter and pump for 24 hours a day. Depending on the joint loading time of his treatment may take up to 6 weeks. With the new filter and each filter device resumes operation in the spring, provided the guarantee is the use of bacterial starter Biokick your OASE CWS.


Registration Registration must be made within 3 months from the date of acquisition. Please refer to your OASE filter system attached to a completed registration card together with a copy of proof of purchase.


The validity of the condition of the guarantee of clean water is to purchase your OASE filter system based on the selection table *, the proper assembly and maintenance in accordance with installation instructions / manual and registration system. Guarantee clean water your OASE valid throughout the lifetime of the filter system in the OASE provisions contained in the manual, but for a maximum of 3 years from the date of purchase. The warranty is void if failure of the installation instructions provided in manual and / or improper selection of the system and / or improper handling. The warranty also expires on the simultaneous use of filtering or pond care products from other manufacturers, especially when using the pond care products containing copper.


In enforcing the guarantee in the event of justified claims, please contact directly to the seller. In the event of a warranty claim OASE company has the right to double check the installation of the filter and make appropriate adjustments. If carried out treatments do not result in obtaining clean water in accordance with this warranty, the company asks OASE purchase price of equipment, while returning a defective filter installation. Further claims under the guarantee of clean water are not considered. Guarantee clean water does not affect the statutory warranty rights of the buyer.

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