Revacil chlorine free substitute for swimming pools.

Revacil chlorine free substitute for swimming pools. from Admiral Commercial Pool Construction and Repair

By: Admiral Commercial Pool Construction and Repair  09/04/2011
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Web Address of the Manufacture: ================ Internet info on Revacil "Revacil is a powerful, completely chlorine-free sanitizer and algistat. If you're looking for crystal-clear pool water but dislike the odor and/or bleaching effects of chlorine, Revacil is an alternative sanitizer. Remember that just as with chlorine, regular applications of sanitizing products in the amounts detailed in the package labels are necessary to keep your swimming pool bacteria- and algae-free. Revablue is a non-foaming algaecide that can be used to complement Revacil. It is a concentrate that prevents the algae growth that makes your pool unsightly and unpleasant. Revablue also kills existing algae - follow label directions." =================== Clean, crystal clear water No Chemical Odor No Red Eye or dry skin Not absobed by UV rays Revacil Santizer 3 easy steps to maintain your pool Pool owners worldwide have been using and enjoying Revacil for over 15 years now. Revacil is a highly effective biguanide based swimming pool sanitizer and algistat with no chlorine. This biguanide based product has been fully tested all over the world. It is a powerful bactericide that is not agressive to humans or the environment. Revacil Sanitizer is highly stable; it is not affected by heat, sunlight or changes in pH. Say goodbye to Red Eyes and itchy dry skin. Revacil can easily replace chlorine or bromine in all types of pools. Once your pool is clear of all traces of chlorine or bromine you can start using this programs treatments. ===============

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