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                Our company specializes in providing food service development such us recipe & menu development, food styling & photography etc. My simple beginnings started as providing services to small start up restaurants, catering company and other food service groups. Our team helped these clients become more competitive in changing times.

The services rendered in these projects are proven ideas that have given our client the much needed assistance in food & beverage industry. We focused on careful planning keeping in line with modern trends and applications research & development & preventive measures based on experiences of our

in-house chefs.

We deliver creative process, bringing out the best product concepts. We are a professional consulting group with vast connections in Food & Beverage industry.

We are an affordable support resource to which clients turn for assistance without incurring extra cost such as salaries etc.

Since we are into various company projects, we always update our company in the latest trends, purchasing behavior and continuous research & development.


The SYNERGY that we practice in our company will ensure the attainment of our client’s goals.


OUR EDGE – will be bringing out blend of industry resources that assists our clients in successfully fulfilling a broad range of projects. Each project we undertake is carefully evaluated in case to case basis to determine who will be best suited to execute.

From chefs to photographers, graphic designers to architects, the goal primarily is that the group is created to fulfill client’s project outcome.


RESTAURANT – Filipino / Italian / Japanese / Chinese / French /American / Spanish/ Global / Fusion, etc.


CATERING COMPANY – that wants to expand and improve menu selection or want us to train cooks


FAST FOOD JOINTS – do you want to start a burger / pizza & pasta / grill store of your own?


FOOD CART CONCEPTS – tired of existing food cart concepts? Do you want us to come up with new ones?





Restaurant Consultancy – we are experienced chefs that assist in innovative conceptual development.


Focuses are given to:

    * Full menu & recipe development

    * Menu costing

    * Operational planning

    * Operational assessments

    * Staff screening & training


We can also assist you with design coordination, furnishing, fixtures and equipment technology.


We can turn your restaurant dreams into a reality whatever cuisine you had in mind.


Restaurant Menu Development – we can create or re-engineer your menu based on your facility, target market and production capabilities. From there, we will develop functional and appetizing recipes which we will utilize to capture the market and help you standardize every procedure and operations.


Our experienced Chef can help you increase productivity, sanitation practices implementation and efficiency through our operations assessments and strategic planning.


We will implement cost control for more profitability and high margin in sales.


Food styling & Photography / Creative Visual Merchandising – we work in conjunction with experienced photographers to showcase your products in a way that makes them appealing to the final end-user.


Our artistic criterion enhances your food styling project because for us it’s more than a picture. We understand communications, advertising and we know it’s not just making a food shot look pretty but also understanding the important factors. We pay close attention to lay-out, composition and marketing appeal, including texture, tone, background, angle and impact.


We can ensure that all details of your project are engaged and that the shot will be meticulously prepared for the utmost efficiency.



    * Franchising assistance

    * Continuous Consultancy Services / Retainer Plans

    * Store Renovation Contractor

    * Graphics & Printing Needs

    * Conceptualization & Branding


RATES – depends on the scope of work / task that the client requires


 Chef Consultant VS. Cheftrepreneur Consultants

Chef Consultant’s focus on food & beverage, they believe that the real success of a particular food business is the food & beverage. They want to provide fancy and gourmet dishes as possible. Well, as for me as a CHEFTREPRENEUR that’s not always the case, I have been opening & running restaurants for quite some time and what I found out is that food is never the determining factor for a successful “food business”. Take the case of this large fast food companies… I firmly believe that I can provide better tasting food, my burgers & pasta etc. are definitely better than what they offer. But I can’t beat them! They have more leverage and they have created a good system.  A good business system is the key,

 if you can set up a fairly, average food, average ambience, good management, good financial intelligence, good people management, good public relations, good service...  then I bet your business will be a success … Having just the best food is like having a high grade in Math subject but failed in other subjects like English, Science, History etc. the ending…your average grade is a failure… Unlike if your grade is just average in all subjects… you will still pass … and you can improve in other areas.




Do we really need food consultants?

Honestly some clients of mine before assumed that changing the menu is as easy as buying cook books or downloading recipes from the internet and let their cooks execute it. But that’s not really the case it's like purchasing a helicopter and read the manual that goes with it to fly the machine.

As consultants we are like trained pilot, 70% or more of their time in school is not focus on flying but to study all the possible mistakes that will arise while flying and deal with it.


Because of my years experience I have encountered all possible scenarios, mistakes etc. That is what we will prevent, that's my role.


For these companies did you do the project from start to end?

Mostly, I just execute what the client wants, launching it. It's pretty normal for them to just limit the duration of my stay to minimize costs. Most of these clients are businessmen, they believed that running a food business is just any other business, but there’s more to it.


Will we succeed if ever we have a good concept?

                Concept really is not a guarantee, it's a mix of a lot of factors like management specially people management, financing, connections and marketing.


What restaurants have you done?

                Here are the lists: as of September 2010

    * Lyca Café & Steakhouse – Café & Steakhouse - in New Washington, Aklan - Year 2000

    * The Galleon Techno Bar  - Year 2000

    * Lyca Bar & Disco – Bar & Disco – New Washington, Aklan - Year 2003

    * Seafront Breadshop – Kalibo,Aklan - Year 2005

    * Czarinas Gourmet Apples & Handmade Confectionary – Mall Of Asia / Alabang Festival Mall 2007

    * Nukepizza Pasta & Ribs – Sampaloc, Manila - 2007

    * Pizzaro –Burger & Pizza – Iloilo City Year 2010 (now with 4 branches & soon a building )

    * Residence Hotel- Iloilo City – Chef Consultant 2011

    * Yumster’z Food Center (Iloilo City 2011)


 How do you start your conceptualization (Duration)?

                Duration is at least 1 week to 1 month (depends on the project / fee received)

We have to begin with an end in mind, you should know what you want long term for your business, if you just want a restaurant that offers gourmet cuisine ,cooking menu items from scratch, present it ala French Laundry style..then I would say training would be at least 3 months and you have to compensate the kitchen team way high over other restaurants to prevent them from leaving, hire enough staff and delegate them into stations (gardemanger, saucier, line chefs, pastry chefs etc. ) for faster service ...this are the concepts that are not "replicable" , if you want to expand, branch out you will have a hard time managing this kind of concept, you will be dependent on the "talent" of your staff, consistency is also a big factor ...that's why a lot of fine dining restaurants owned by famous chefs fold or close down is because of these dilemma, they are so boxed in the concept that the best food is always the key…Yeah right!!! If you can execute it consistently, that is the big question?


Or give my suggestion a try ... a system that any high school graduate can execute, even with less culinary experience, present the food as if they are prepared from scratch...simple clean presentations.


One scenario , what if you order Putanesca? The gourmet process is -

1. boil water for pasta

2. on another pan heat oil, sauté garlic, onion & capers

3. add marinara sauce, add olives & anchovies

4. when the water is boiling add capellini

5. mince fresh oregano & basil put herbs in the marinara sauce

7. season with salt & pepper

8. turn off fire

9. toast foccacia

10. when the pasta is cook, drain and toss it in the sauce

11. cook the pasta again, adjust seasoning

12. transfer to a pasta bowl , put the toasted bread on the side of the pasta bowl

13. grate parmesan cheese on top

14. garnish with basil leaves

15. serve


Approximate cooking time 15 minutes (mostly above 15 minutes)


Consider the fact that all have " standard " measurement for each ingredients, even if the chef is only in-charge of the pasta station, if he will cook 4 different pasta at the same time, I doubt if he will follow the exact measurement of the " standard" ingredients, his goal will be to cook the pasta as fast as he could but still with this process ...orders will be mostly delay specially during crunch time.


Some other disadvantages are the cooks, they come and go, they will resign to seek  for greener pastures ...even if they will give you at least 15 days before they resign ( mostly hindi na..they will just drop you like a hot potato )  to give you more time to find and train their replacement .. it will never be enough with the gourmet concept.






Our system basically is to lessen error and to make it as simple as "Idiots guide to mocked gourmet cooking ".


Same scenario my way:

1. put portioned marinara sauce in one pan

2. toss in anchovies, olives, capers and oregano

3. toast bread

4. blanch pasta on a stand-by simmering water, transfer it into the sauce

5. adjust seasoning

6. transfer the pasta in a bowl, arrange the bread, top with grated parmesan cheese & basil leaves

7. serve

Approximate cooking time - less than 5 minutes


Not all diners are gourmand, only 1 out of 50 diners can determine that the pasta and the sauce is pre-cooked… and no one cares anyway.


They will only complain if you have a fancy restaurant with crisp linen, nice table set-up with candle light with a preppy wait staff and the price of your pasta is Php 465 ++ ...


The system depends on the concept you want to project.


How much is your rate?

On an average our minimum rate is Php 30,000 – Php 350,000, it depends on the scope of work we will be doing on a project.


Terms of Payment

10% - Reservation fee (Non-Refundable )

50% - on the first day

20% - on the middle part of the project

20% - on the last day


No. of days - 4 days to 1 month min.


Additional Fee’s

Retainer Plans – You will have the option to continuously hire me as your consultant to monitor progress, you may assign me to develop new recipes, do some R & D etc., still the fee will be determined on the tasks that we will be doing.


Non-Competitive Agreement Fee – As we all know, the concepts I suggested, recipes, kitchen system are in a way my ideas. I do have the full authority to use it, revised it or even sell it.


That’s why in every project that I do, I always apply best practices for I have long term plans, in fact I will only earn if the concept I offered prosper. I never ask for huge professional fee on my projects like franchising fee etc. which amounts 100k to 500k for a mediocre concept.


If ever in the future the concept that I established goes into franchising it’s only normal that I get my fair share. One time upfront fee, whether now, or later in the future.


Non – Competitive Agreement Fee - is between 50k to 200k depending on the concept.

It is actually a Win – Win agreement, I usually give 2 months for the operator to think it over, after such time it’s either you pay the NCA fee or give me the freedom to offer it to others.


Note : NCA is only applicable to concepts I personally develop, meaning I do have full control of developing the concept from start to finish.


Now if ever you just hire me and you have a ready concept in mind and you just want me to execute your ideas. That is basically your concept, then I will abide with the Non-Competitive Agreement with no fee at all, I won’t divulge any trade secrets, recipes that I created for that particular project.


To sum it all up :

Your Idea ( Concept ) + My Recipes & System = No Non-Competitive Agreement Fee involved

My Idea ( Concept ) + My Recipes & System = You have to pay for Non-Competitive Fee , if not I have the full authority to use, revised or sell the concept to others. It’s your choice, non-compulsory.

But you have to think of the scenario long term, what if after 2 months of grace period a big investor wants to put up a food company and I offered the concept you have, he pays me a NCA fee , since he is the new owner of the concept he goes into franchising ( 200k per franchise ), for him to be able to support the franchisee he hires me as a consultant and pays me 50k per store to launch the store of the franchisee ( aside from the onetime NCA fee ).

What if he acquired say 10 franchisees? That’s 2,000,000 less 500k for the 10 stores I opened, he will be left with 1.5 million just because he now owns my concept.


If you only plan of owning 1 store then don’t buy my concept. If you want to make it big, then think of it.


Please consider that you’re not hiring me (if ever) for the daily services I render, but mostly for the best management practices & food development that I will share for the duration of the project, that you will be able to use as long as your store is there.


REMEMBER:  We accommodate any offers; there is no Small or Big Projects. We will entertain your inquiries and give you swift and detailed assessments.


For other services & products please contact me…


Edgar Camua

Culinary Chef / Business Consultant/ Menu Builder & Food Designer/ Industrial Designer /Building, Landscape, Carpentry, Metal Works & Masonry Contractor/ Interior Decorator / Food Ingredients & Pre-requisite Supplier/ Technical Assistance & Manpower Provider/ Research & Development / Fiberglass Fabricator / Equipment & Tools Fabricator/ Ads & Visual  Artist / Sculptor / Painter (Mural-Framed-Decorative) / Fashion Designer / Photographer (B&W-Colored-Computer Edited) /Musical Director, Jingle, Slogan, Songwriter & Poet (member International Society of Poets) / Entertainment & Production Manager / Rotarian (in-active member of Rotary Club Alabang Filinvest Chapter)


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